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Grade A1P2
Type Reusable
Material ABS+Silicone+PC
Color Blue/OEM
Model N.O 9800

The most effective reusable mask against dust/powder particles as well as organic gas and vapors, have been specially crafted and designed in strict compliance with CE EN 14387:2004+A1:2008; EN 136:1998 and EN 143:2000+A1:2006 to deal with tough environment polluted by solid particles and gas/vapors, it is the ultimate protection we would like to offer.


Please check with our experts for more details on what products are suitable for your regular usage.


Faceseal - Food Grade Silicone

Head Cradle/Buckles - PE

Filter - Meltblown Fabric

Filter Cartridge -   ABS + Special chemical processed activated carbon effectively against organic and in organic gases&vapors

Anti-foggy Frame- Polycarbonate

Key Features:

* Adjustable head harness assembly, including quick filter replacing mechanism

* Silicone Faceseal, providing comfort and stability with a soft surface on the inside but firm sealing

* Nose shape moulded design is built for easy maintenance with fewer parts and crevices

* Attachable valve plus Filter cover design that directs exhaled breath and moisture outward and allows for an easy positive pressure seal check

* Lightweighted using ecofriendly material providing the longest shelf life span, saves

cost on the long run

Packaging Info:

Ctn X 8 Boxes x 1 Set

Net Weight: 7.5 kgs

Gross Weight: 9.5 kgs

Ctn Size: 83.5 x 31.5 x 27(cm)

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