Declaration Of Partnership

2023-12-15 15:11

Declaration Of Partnership

2022-09-09 789 Semask世玛

We have been in the road for long enough and working with some good partners makes us strong in the battle ground, as appreciation of partnership with us, also to share with public for this significant company update.

1 - HANGZHOU INVETECH CO., LTD is one of excellent partners who have been assisting us in handling sales & marketing department as well as subsidiary company along with product exportation and importation, the recognition is deemed to fulfill!

2 - PROGUARD TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN. BHD, A well-known and reputable company in overseas for decades in PPEs sector, who has been fully authorized of handling Semask products, is an extraordinary friend as well as an excellent client of us. Who says we could not have the best of both world? Applause to our partnership forever!

3 - Kerber & Lampe GmbH, our key strategic partner in Germany across European Union doing Amazon online platform for Euro region. By working with Kerber & Lampe GmbH that we are moving internationally.