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Key Features - FFP1 / FFP2 Grade

Outter Layer: 40gsm 100% PP spunbond + 60gsm 100% Polyester

Activated Carbon Fabric (Optional):

-20gsm 100% PP spunbond+25gsm 100% Activated Carbon granule

Inner Layer: 40gsm 100% PP spunbond

Airtight seal: Lycra-spandex material

Frame Support: 100% PP material

Elastics Strap: 300mm±15mm

Valve: 100% PP Material + Silicon Sheet

- Choice of color: Yellow / Blue / Green / Red / White

Filtration Efficiency: FFP1≧80%, FFP2≧94%

Facemask Size: 115±2 x 155±2 x 3.1±0.5

Standard Requirement: EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Reference Code: SQ-61

Add 'V' for valve on request

Add 'C' for Activated Carbon on request

Add filtration efficiency in front of product code

For Example: 8061CV (80 is filtration efficiency,61 is the item code,CV is to add

activated carbon and valve on request)


FFP3 grade for SQ-61 series arerequired to be customizedaccordingly and in

strictcompliance with CE standard, thatcan't be identified based onproduct

specification till product isfinalized, please check withrespective personnel for more