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Key Features - FFP1 / FFP2 Grade

* For mechanically and thermally generated particles and fumes

e.g. grinding, sanding, curshing, sawing, smoke, welding fume

Outter Layer: 40gsm 100% PP spunbond+100gsm 100% Polyester

Activated Carbon Fabric (Optional):

-20gsm 100% PP spunbond+25gsm 100% Activated Carbon granule

Inner Layer: 40gsm 100% PP spunbond


Option 1: 10± 1mmX90± 2mm Ironwire wrapped with polyropylen

Option 2: 89± 2mmX5mm± 0.5mmX0.6± 0.5mm Aluminum material

- Choice Of Color: Yellow / Blue / Green / White

Elastics Strap:

Upper Strap: 310mm± 15mm

Lower Strap: 300mm± 15mm

- Choice Of Color: Yellow / Blue / Green / White / Red

Nose Sponge Foam:

- 90± 3mmX5± 1mmX4± 1mm sponge material

Valve: 100%PP Material + Silicon Sheet

- Choice of color: Yellow / Blue / Green / Red / White

Filtration Efficiency: FFP1≧80%, FFP2≧94%

Facemask Size: 115± 2 x 155± 2 x 3.1± 0.5

Standard Requirement: EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Reference Code: SQ-60

Add 'V' for valve on request

Add 'C' for Activated Carbon on request

Add filtration efficiency in front of product code

For Example: 8060CV (80 is filtration efficiency, 60 is the item code, CV is to

add activated carbon and valve on request)


FFP3 grade for SQ-60 series are required to be customized accordingly and in

strict compliance with CE standard, that can't be identified based on product

specification till product is finalized, please check with respective personnel for

more information.