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The most effective mask against PM2.5 dust/powder particles, Organic gases&Vapors, Inorganic gases&Vapors, have been specially crafted and designed in strict compliance with CE EN 14387:2004+A1:2008 to deal with tough environment affected area. Quick filter replacing mechanism allows wearer to change core filtration easily without removing hardhat or faceshield.


Please check with our experts for more details on what products are suitable for your regular usage.


Faceseal - Silicone Rubber

Straps - Polyster fibre

Head Cradle/Buckles - Polypropylene

Filter - Meltblown Fabric

Filter Cartridge -   Special chemical processed activated carbon effectively against organic and in organic gases&vapors

Key Features:

* Adjustable head harness assembly, including quick filter replacing mechanism

* Silicone Faceseal, providing comfort and stability with a soft surface on the inside but firm sealing

* Nose shape moulded design is built for easy maintenance with fewer parts and crevices

* Attachable valve plus Filter cover design that directs exhaled breath and moisture outward and allows for an easy positive pressure seal check

* Lightweighted using ecofriendly material providing the longest shelf life span, saves

cost on the long run

Packaging Info:

Ctn X 60 Boxes x 1 Set

Net Weight: 86gm/pcs

Gross Weight: 92gm/pcs

Ctn Size: 68 x 47 x 39(cm)